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Thermoforming Large Plastic Parts and Components
Pressure Forming • Vacuum Forming

Twin Sheet Forming

Custom Thermoformed Large Plastic Parts Manufacturer made in  New Jersey


C&K Plastics - The plastic molders
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Metuchen New Jersey       Conyers Georgia     Mooresville,  North Carolina

Thermoforming is a general term that refers to the process of transforming a plastic sheet into a 3-dimensional shape by using heat, vacuum, and pressure.

Thermoforming is not an art... It's an engineering driven science!


Need large plastic parts? Welcome to C+K Plastics your best custom thermoformed plastic parts manufacturer in New Jersey, North Carolina and Georgia and is one of the most experienced plastic forming companies in the industry since 1963! We are thermoforming engineers who think about making your part the most efficient way while still being quality fanatics.

Our thermoforming services include vacuum forming, pressure forming, and twin sheet forming.

Vacuum forming is the most common type of thermoforming. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive process that can be used to create a wide variety of plastic parts, while Pressure forming and vacuforming are less common types of thermoforming. They are typically used to create parts with more complex shapes, textured finishes or that require a higher degree of strength and rigidity.

From pressure forming and twin-sheet forming to heavy-gauge vacuum forming and secondary operations—means C+K is ready to take your project from concept to finished product including specialty packaging and shipping.

We can even convert your metal or fiberglass parts into a better and stronger materials with fine detail using pressure forming methods, even adding silkscreening and branding to your components.

C+K Plastics continually strives to stay on the leading edge of new technological advancements to ensure that we are always able to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for most any thermoformed plastic part application.


From Concept to Completion

The engineering staff at C+K Plastics, with collective experience of more than 130 years.  We help you identify the best material and process best suited for your specific application. We also leverage our expertise to assist with design and tolerance considerations.

Our goal is to make your product as cost effective as possible, without compromising the quality, integrity or overall performance our customers have come to expect.

C+K Plastics provides in-house mold design with the ability to provide pre-production samples of patterns. This enables our customers to evaluate samples prior to investing in production tooling.

CAD copy.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0012_Layer 5.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0008_Layer 9.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0013_Layer 4.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0000_Layer 17.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0003_Layer 14.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0006_Layer 11.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0015_Layer 2.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0011_Layer 6.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0016_Layer 1.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0010_Layer 7.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0005_Layer 12.jpg
THERMOFORMING_0002_Layer 15.jpg

We were recently featured on PART GURUS as an economical solution for metal stamped parts.


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